Pure Beef Liver piece

SteerSelect Beef Liver

  • - Beef Liver is highly palatable and great for training
  • - Beef Liver Provides A Good Source Of Iron, Folic Acid, Vitamin A And B12

SteerSelect Pure Beef Liver Dog Treats 227g

SteerSelect® Pure Beef Liver Dog Treats

Premium Cuts of Pure Beef Liver

  • - Freeze Dried
  • - Just one ingredient, 100% Pure Beef Liver
  • - High in Protein
  • - No Additives, No Coloring, No Preservatives
  • - Batch Tested for Micro Bio
  • - No Offshore Sources

SteerSelect® is made from only one ingredient - 100% pure beef liver. NO PRESERVATIVES, NO ADDITIVES, 100% PURE AND NATURAL, government inspected Beef Liver. Our highly skilled butchers and drying process deliver a quality trimming, full of natural nutrition, aroma, and freshness. SteerSelect® offers complete satisfaction as a snack or reward for small, medium, and large dogs. SteerSelect® is THE ONLY choice for pet owners that want a more natural and healthy, 100% GRAIN FREE treat for their pets.

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Available Formats

15 g (0.53 oz) - Toonie Treat Pack
37 g (1.3 oz) - Entry Pack
227 g (8 oz) - Economy Size
535 g (18.9 oz) - Bulk Pack

SteerSelect Beef Liver Nutrition Data